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Educational for anyone that doesn’t know what’s going on at the moment.


Briggs Assignment #6

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Picture 1: Model-my cat, Rue! I used sunlight as the fill light. I really like this picture because it really highlights the cat’s body and it even shows the eyes clearly. Even her fur has a lot of texture and the darker orange stripes are visible in this photo. I shot it with my camera phone at my apartment.

Picture 2: Model-my coworker, Cody Patrick. I attempted to use the flash on my camera phone as the main source of light. While he’s a great model, the dim lighting in the corridor and the flash don’t make for great fill lighting. You can’t see his fabulous maroon pants.

Picture 3: Model-my other coworker, Katrina Chaney. This was taken while she was going about her business in the KLTV studio and didn’t mind a photo. The natural fill light of the studio of course works very well for photography. I did use the flash, but it isn’t visible at all and isn’t necessary either.

Things like this in the media…

For over a year, we’ve been seeing incidents like this happening all over America. From shootings to riots to simple misdemeanors. People are becoming more and more aware of these events thanks to the complexity and instantaneous communication of our current technology. Not only are people becoming more aware, but forming lots of different opinions. Sharing and spreading these events has become a definitive part of the social and political media.

Back on here, but it’s mostly for class. Go figure.

Hello all! Long time, no see. I never did finish posting all my character illustrations, did I? Well…sorry. Really.


Needless to say, I’m only off hiatus because a WordPress blog is needed for my production class and I have to talk about mass communication, journalism, or public relations…something like that.

Working at a TV station now, I am finding myself more and more interested in journalism. It’s fascinating to watch the reporters, who are goofy and great people behind the scenes, but the moment something big is happening, they’re instantly geared-up and ready to go. You have to seriously know what you’re talking about and what’s going on when you’re delivering the news to the masses. I used to think journalism was easy, just because I was good at it, but when I see the reporters and anchors in action, not just anyone is able to do it. I just hope with practice that I’ll be able to be like that too.

might blog again someday,